Many trees to come down around a primary school in Sale

Many trees are to be felled around a school in Sale soon.

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Location of where some trees will be felled: Image Google

Work will start on the trees around Tyntesfield County Primary School soon and will see the felling of:

  • 1 Oak Tree
  • 3 Lime Trees
  • 1 Monkey Puzzle tree
  • 1 Birch Tree
  • Maintenance of 1 Sycamore  a group of Lime trees and a group of mixed trees

Lots of healthy trees have come down in Trafford mostly in the Altrincham and Hale areas, this is the biggest cull in the Sale area to date.

We believe work on these tress is so 5G will work and of course some trees do need to come down due to disease or the tree or trees have been dead for a while and so presents a danger to people and property.

5G will not work with trees and shrubs and the mobile phone engineers will have made a map of a ‘line of sight’ so the signals to homes and businesses can get the signal antennas will be fitted to every lamppost soon but even then if trees are in the way it will not work.

With the so called Trafford Council ‘Climate Emergency’ in affect cutting down ‘Healthy’ trees is not the best way to help the environment, trees also help with pollution, with Washway Road being heavily polluted and never checked! our kids lungs will be suffering just that bit more!


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