New Subway store comes to Partington Shopping Centre

A new Subway store could soon be open at Partington Shopping Centre if proposals are approved by Trafford Council.


Proposed location of the new Subway store: Image Darren Marsden

The new store will go where William Hill used to operate from according to information we have read.

We have to say though this will go down very well in Partington and could help bring in more big named food outlets and shops.

PKW Foods LTD have asked the council for a new illuminated sign to be installed which should be thumbed up so long as it is not too bright, we are already aware of Wrens asking the council for an illuminated sign at Altrincham Retail Park and they got knocked back because the shop sign was too bright!

You can view more on the advertising proposal for the new Subway store by using this code 99595/ADV/19 in Trafford planning search.


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