Trafford Council gives Amey one last chance on it’s bin collection services

Trafford Council has given Amey one last chance to sort out it’s bin collection services in a strongly written letter.


Bin collection Truck in Altrincham: Image Darren Marsden

Amey is employed by the Council to collect domestic waste as part of the One Trafford Partnership agreement between the two organisations.

Since October when Amey decided to change the timetable for collecting household waste residents of Trafford have had a dreadful service, we have had lots of people contact us about the problems where bins have not been emptied for weeks.

Trafford had many meetings with Amey at a high level raising concerns about the shoddy services they have been giving residents and seeking assurances that improvements are made, sadly despite the meetings no change was seen and actually the standards fell even more.

In the strongly worded letter the Council says the service is failing and immediate action is needed to remedy the situation.

The letter also warned Amey that its persistent failures are placing the council in a position where it is in breach of its statutory duties around waste collection and that there are health and safety concerns as rubbish has not been collected from certain locations for a long time.

The letter demands that a series of measures are taken to deal with the problems in the short-term. These include:

  • Supervisors monitoring all collection rounds to ensure completion for all properties until there is a full cycle of rounds at the required performance level;
  • Additional resources to be deployed to ensure full completion of each round on the day due for collection
  • A proactive communications plan to provide accurate information to councillors and residents on performance and the improvement plan;
  • The drawing up of a detailed plan setting out details of how the service is to be maintained at the required contractual levels

The letter warns that if there is no improvement then the Council will look to exercise its rights under the agreement to step in and run the service on a temporary basis to get it back on track.

Trafford Council Leader Andrew Western said:

The waste collection service is simply not up to scratch – it is failing and the residents of Trafford deserve better.

I am getting complaint after complaint from angry and frustrated residents and I share their anger. What is happening is not good enough. Amey need to get their act together.

We were promised the route changes implemented back in October would lead to an improvement in the service but despite repeated assurance at the meetings we have had with Amey, it has not happened – the service has got worse.

Residents repeatedly face not having their bins collected and as a Council we cannot stand idly by and that is why we are demanding action.

Partnerships involve working together but I am afraid Amey are not delivering on their side of this partnership.

Ferrovial bought Amey in 2003 and from what we have read the Spanish firm is looking to sell off the environmental part of its business which means Amey will no longer be running waste collection services and other things like street cleaning in Trafford if it is bought, it could swing the other way and Ferrovial tells Amey it needs to end all services and Trafford Council will then need to bring it all back in house, this will have a knock on effect and more delays will be expected.

The waste collection services should be brought in house now! it is obvious to us that Amey is not responding to the warnings, it’s owner Ferrovial  is looking to sell it off which does not help with confidence levels, it is in debt by millions of pounds and the residents of this borough deserve better as they pay for it through the council tax.

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