Big named high street stores object to a new Lidl store at Altrincham Retail Park

A few big names on the high street and some residents have objected to a new Lidl store at Altrincham Retail Park.

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Picture of where the new Lidl store is to go at Altrincham Retail Park: Image Google

Aldi, Asda and B&M stores have objected due to several concerns, all have mentioned in documents read that the new Lidl store would be bad for traffic conditions but also for other shopping centres in Trafford.

Aldi and Asda claim the proposed Lidl store fails a sequential test as outlined on paragraph 86 of the National Planning Policy Framework which says:

Local Planning Authorities should apply a sequential test to planning applications for main town centre uses which are neither in an existing centre nor in accordance with an up-to-date plan.

Main town centre uses should be located in town centres, then in edge of centre locations: and only if suitable sites are not available (or expected to become available within a reasonable period) should out of out of centre sites be considered.

Noise issues due to delivery times was also mentioned along with traffic problems, it is claimed by Aldi and Asda that Lidl will have a new store in the Altair development in Altrincham and it would not be a good thing for the firm to have another store so close it.

A noise impact statement has been issued and it seems that a 3m barrier will be created and additional rules applied so that HGV drivers keep engines off once arrived on site more so during the evening and general care to keep sound to a minimum.

Asda says that the proposed Lidl store will seek 24 hour deliveries and that the store will have one or two deliveries a day, they say that a restriction needs to be in place so that Lidl cannot go further than this, they also claim the noise impact statement does not consider the effects of the deliveries on the amenity of local residents and believe its a serious omission that needs to be looked at.

Some residents have also objected however it seems the majority approve so long as Lidl looks at the traffic issues and noise and dust pollution, to make sure that Sinderland Road is not made worse during construction as it is already a nightmare for commuters and residents alike.

Whilst reading some of the documents that needed reading, we cannot see how Aldi or Asda two huge retailers can have any arguments over this proposal both of which would not see any loss in income, Asda is further away and would not be impacted, nor would it have any issues with the traffic issues which is more to do with the council not building any new roads whilst approving almost every housing development.

The noise issues have been addressed from what we can see, it would be important for Lidl to come forward and assure people that they would only have two or three deliveries a day and no more, that as instructed will keep noise down to the minimum and look at trying to reduce deliveries after 7pm.

Traffic is already a big problem however we do not think a new Lidl store would create more issues, the store would only provide an alternative, more choice for local residents and further into Trafford, and so far as we are concerned would not affect Sale or Stretford town centres.

It is true though having a Lidl at the Altair development and so close at the retail park is a little close and it might be the retailer needs to have only one in that short distance to be on a fair playing field to all the rest, for example the nearest Aldi to Altrincham Retail Park is Sale which is a good distance away, Asda even further away.

The redesign of the store and Homebase has also been mentioned however we do not expect these issues to be a problem when the proposals are looked at one day by planners at Trafford Council.

Having seen all documents no other retailer has submitted any other objections so far, our own opinions are for Lidl to scrap the plans and build a big new store on land in Partington where it would help local people and we think would be highly profitable for the firm, it would also ease any fears about distance and noise pollution.

Land behind Heron could be used or where the old Greyhound Pub once used to be.



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