Massive power cut leaves people stranded at Circle Court in Stretford

Trafford Housing Trust has restored some power to Circle Court in Stretford after a massive power cut on 11 January 2020.

Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 2.09.17 PM

Circle Court Stretford: Image Google

All power was lost during the morning which meant disabled people could not use the lifts, everyone was stranded, even the water supply was lost.

We are told engineers are currently working hard to restore power and have done so for the Stretford side of the flats but not the Trafford side and floors 5 to 15 will take until Friday to fix!

THT have said they are currently finding people temporary homes to live in, not much more information is available at this time as to how they are to do that.

All disabled people affected are being contacted on an individual basis and are being given sheltered housing until full power is restored.

The housing trust has tweeted that all people that live in Circle Court are to come to the Community Room on the ground floor during the afternoon for further information.

If you are affected THT have given you a free phone number 0300 777 777.

We will get a reason for the power outage soon, if you have been affected please contact us through our email address, or use Facebook or Twitter.



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