A mass of full bin bags dumped near a tip in Trafford is a disgrace

We have seen some huge fly tips but nothing on the scale of the one seen at a well known grot spot near Woodhouse Lane tip in Broadheath.


The private land on Woodcote Road that goes towards the abandoned rail line is a known grot spot, tons of waste have been dumped on the side in the past, yesterday (14 January 2020) shocked us.

We counted around 20 full bin bags and other waste that had been sitting there for weeks, more waste was seen further down, even nearer Partington we saw piles of cardboard and full bin bags dumped and in Partington at another known grot spot just off Chapel Lane the same bags of rubbish was seen even though we had reported it to One Trafford.

The problem is if the council does not clean up the mess on public land then others will think it is fine for them to do it, and before you know it a huge pile of rubbish is looking at you and harder for the council to remove.

It could be people from outside of Trafford fly tipping it is then for the council to install CCTV cameras in known grotspots something they can do to catch them out and use as a deterrent.





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