Action speaks louder than words with new cycling and walking infrastructure

Our View

Last night Urmston saw over 500 people in an unsuitable venue talking about the huge funds given to help cycling and walking.


Dense fog on Sindeeland Lane: image Darren Marsden

The amount thrown around is over £11m and it was right and proper to give the community in Davyhulme, Flixton and Urmston a say on what it should be spent on.

Ex pro cyclist Chris Boardman was on hand to talk about his ideas and how other places in Europe are able to have a happy motorist and cyclist co existence.

We welcome plans to help disabled people and the elderly with dropped kerbs and better paths some of which are truly dreadful.

With cycling though it’s a little bit difficult, and would take many years of planning to do anything! it took many years just to put a lick of paint down on Talbot Road and then call it ‘safe’

As for Urmston I think the money should go towards cleaning up the disgusting air around that way, where are you to add any cycling infrastructure? only thing that can be done is to put paint on the road and call it ‘Safe cycling’

Sale to Urmston upgrade we are already aware of and so long as they understand that not everyone is on a mountain bike it will be much used so long as the sign posts are clear, this though has already been funded.

The only bit of space is around Partington and Carrington, the back of the Sale West Estate is another bit of land that could be used, a real bad path that goes from Woodcote Road to Isherwood Road should be improved this would help people cycling to Carrington, Flixton and Partington, it would cut out the very dangerous Carrington Lane.

Halfords in the week leading up to Christmas Day last year has huge sales of bikes, people want to cycle, they though want to cycle in safety, they don’t want to be breathing in dirty polluted air, taking them away from all vehicles is the answer, with that in mind one route would help in a very big way.

The abandoned rail line from Broadheath to Partington is the route of choice and all money should be given as soon as possible to get this line re opened as a cycle path which of course will help runners and walkers.

Cleaning up our air though for us is a priority, as Mr Western said in a live broadcast:



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