Trees and shrubs vanishing in Trafford at an alarming rate

We continue to investigate after more trees and shrubs continue to vanish from some parts of Trafford.

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Trees are our lungs, and we need to do everything we can to protect them, councillors in Trafford have no powers to stop this.

We understand some trees need to be pulled down, many we have seen are just about to fall down and have reported them all.

Work was going on today on the Bridgewater Canal next to Walton Park where shrubs and small trees were being taken down, this in itself is not an issue as it would give people a little bit more room however nothing was needed doing at that point.

Walton Park has been chopped down it looks different now due in part because the council did not have the balls to tell residents that they need to ask people who use the park what they think about chopping down the trees, a consultation period needed to have been done and it was not, work was carried out regardless.

Still in Sale we are aware and have done an article about various trees being chopped down around a primary school and healthy trees have been hacked down on the grounds of a dentist at the corner of Eastway and Washway Road.

Altrincham and Hale seems to have been hammered where tree felling is concerned, just about every time we check the Trafford Weekly panning lists on a weekly basis more trees are planned to be felled.

Councillors will not admit to anything due in part because they are utterly clueless about how 5G works! one councillor even told us that 5G or G5 as she said! would not go through walls which really told how much councillors know about this dangerous technology.

5G will not work with trees and shrubs, the way this new technology works is much different than what we have always had, once the masts and antennas are added everywhere the signal will be an invisible beam (beamforming), so what we will have is a a huge amount of beams going in every direction.

This is not the same as 3G and 4G which the signal goes into the air and lands in the area it is supposed to go, the signal bounces around until it finds your mobile phone, once it has done then it connects, the signal even from 3G and 4G can also be lost due to trees and shrubs although not as much as 5G which is why engineers need a line of site from these small masts and antennas.

5G is bad in every way apart from internet speeds which will be faster than your home broadband.

We have done our research and extensively so looking at every angle and even laughing at the conspiracy theorists, let us make it known we deal with only the facts on 5G and with that we are increasingly concerned not only about the poorly educated councillors in Trafford but more on the effects of 5G once it is properly rolled out, it will be a bigger issue than pollution! and that is already out of control.

Trafford Council are hitting back at claims they are not green enough and despite calling a climate emergency at the back end of 2018 they have done very little to help clean up our air, letting mobile phone companies chop down our trees even letting dentists chop down healthy trees and in our parks goes against what they are claiming.

The council is to plant trees and other things during the year, this is good! however it takes decades for trees to grow, by then we will have very little left at the rate they are coming down and residents in this borough must not let this go under the carpet like everything else has done.