Cornonavirus: World Health Organisation calls a public health emergency of international concern

UPDATED: The World Health Organisation has issued a public health emergency of international concern due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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What we know at this time is no one outside of China has died and the UK at this time it has just been announced has two cases of the virus and both are being treated at a hospital somewhere in the UK.

Ninety-eight cases outside of china have been confirmed Germany, Japan Vietnam and US, the 98 people who have been reported to have the virus came from Wuhan which is where the outbreak was first detected.

The concerns for The World Health Organisation is that if the virus spreads to countries with a poor health service more deaths will occur.

The total number so far is 7.834 confirmed cases and 170 deaths  and all the deaths have been in China.

The virus is similar to the flu and it is widely known to be mild, if you get this bug and you are fit and healthy it is thought you will recover, people with existing health issues need to keep an eye on things.

All UK nationals have now landed at Brize Norton military base.

They will all be assessed and then taken to a NHS hospital in Wirral according to Sky News.

China has to be given credit for the super fast response to this crisis, they are so keen to get this virus wiped out they are making a hospital for people as other hospitals have shut the doors due to capacity.

We will keep everyone up to date with this virus and very glad to report it is not only causes mild symptoms but also it is not in the UK according to World Heath Organisation.

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