Parents could soon be patrolling Altrincham Interchange to help protect children from thug gangs

Police got calls on 23 January 2020 in one hour about three robberies in the Altrincham area.

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Altrincham Interchange: Image Google Maps

The calls to police was from around 6.15 and 7.15pm and the offences occurred on Townfield Road, Stamford Park and Shaftsbury Avenue in Altrincham, during these incidents a number of offenders assaulted teenage victims and took money, mobile phones and headphones of them.

More disturbing is police are saying the same gang could be responsible for them all, police attended to one of the incidents and arrested one suspect, since then others have since been arrested and interviewed and remain under investigation whilst enquires continue.

Another robbery occurred at Altrincham Interchange where two offenders made threats to two teenagers and then stole a mobile phone from one of the victims, CCTV enquires are on going to try and identify the offenders from that incident.

Police are aware that parents are looking at patrolling the Altrincham Interchange area and although cannot stop this action want to make sure they do not end up putting themselves in a spot of bother.

It also makes Greater Manchester Police look bad, this threat of action could be what gets the correct action from police to cut these gang type activities stopped, it would also help others to be able to use the interchange feeling safer.

Additional officers will be patrolling the area and police are looking at what additional resources can be given so no more incidents happen.






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