Trafford needs a walk-in mental health advocacy service

Trafford needs a walk in mental health advocacy service so those with any mental health issues can be heard.

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Park House in Sale before it was demolished

We one used to have one of the best advocacy services anywhere in the UK operating from Park House in Sale, TMHAS (Trafford Mental Health Advocacy Service) gave much more than just advice and this service needs to return as soon as possible as those with mental health problems are increasingly being silenced.

Having a mental health condition does not mean they are not normal, everyone with a condition has the right to be treated just like everyone else, and has the right to be heard, sadly this is not always the case as mental health workers struggle with increasing amounts of work they are suddenly not really listening to the patient.

Some mental health workers and social workers are so stretched they are even making up tales about patients, knowing they have no way to fight back and we know this is happening!

Advocacy Plus is in Trafford now! we have done some articles for them in the past, just recently we proposed to help facilitate a new walk-in advocacy service, to help them get this off the ground in any way we can.

So far we have had no response which is not what we wanted or expected, no one though can stop us fighting for those with mental health issues and we will do our level best to get something for them so no one is left in the dark.

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