Lidl could be open by Autumn at Altrincham Retail Park if Trafford Council approves redevelopment plans

Lidl could be open by autumn this year if Trafford Council gives the proposals to let the retailer operate at Altrincham Retail Park.

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The proposals is for Lidl to take over the flower centre part of Homebase, this would mean Homebase will have a much smaller store, the flower centre will be built on land on the other side.

Documents read claim Lidl failed what is called a sequential assessment because they are supposed to have a store nearer to Altrincham centre as part of the redevelopment plans (Altair) however the latest documents seen shows that no retail floor space will be part of the design according to Rapleys who are acting on behalf of Lidl.

Having checked this does not sound accurate since on the Altair Altrincham website clearly says room will be made for retail, although it does not say how much space which could be what Rapleys are saying since Lidl would need a lot of space.

People are becoming excited having Lidl at Altrincham Retail Park, it is good competition and would not harm Aldi or Asda.

In the Rapleys report it says that having Lidl on the site would help save Homebase as it needs to reduce its size to be able to operate, we have not yet seen any reply from Homebase to these comments.

The worry for local people is the problems with the roads, however we think it will be much the same as it is now, more traffic will be the result of building these huge housing developments without building new roads something Trafford planners seem to ignore.

You can see all documents to this redevelopment proposals here: https://publicaccess.trafford.gov.uk/online-applications/files/A1DCBE71F13C16FDE338082CD35B863E/pdf/98127_FUL_19-SEQUENTIAL_ASSESSMENT__REVISED_-744152.pdf


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