Police kick off with some football fans at the DW Stadium

A video shown on social media shows police and football fans kicking off at the DW Stadium.


The incident happened at the Wigan v Preston game at the DW Stadium, the video has been seen by thousands of people on social media and Greater Manchester Police have issued a small statement:

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: ‘We are aware of a video in circulation following the Wigan Athletic vs. Preston North End game at the  DW stadium this afternoon. All available footage is being reviewed in line with normal procedure.”

An officer needs to show restraint in all situations, with the amount of officers around the scene it did not look to us like they were in any danger so did not need to be seemingly punching people or standing face to face with someone half the size and not capable at  that time of defending himself.

We will see in the next update exactly what happened and why police felt the need to go further than they needed to.

Wigan lost the game 1-2.






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