Councillors refuse Warburton Lane housing development but the final decision is with the government

All Trafford councillors tonight refused the Warburton Lane housing development on the borders of Warburton and Partington.


Land where the Warbuton Lane development could be built: Image Darren Marsden

The decision though is not with councillors this time around but with the Secretary of State as the housebuilder ‘Redrow’ submitted an appeal which bypasses Trafford Council.
Partington councillor Williams was first to have his say on the housing development and has only just started to understand the complex planning issues of the area after two years!

He thinks Redrow has nothing but contempt for local people and sees no one in favour of the housing development that out of 400 houses not one is affordable.

Councillor Williams gave a sharp statement at the end saying “This is a land grab to try and throw up as many units as possible, flog them off and cream off as much profit as possible.” he thinks local people feel the same way.

Other developments like Peel’s housing development at the back of Lock Lane and the smaller development opposite the shopping centre is just waiting for a handshake and work will begin, other houses to be built that have not been seen by councillors yet are the 86 new homes on land at the corner of Oak Road and Warburton Land (YHG) and the houses to be built on land where Partington Social club stands.

Five houses have been approved tonight in Partington at a former care home on Manchester Road (Beech House), residents have objected due to parking and pollution issues, however, it was approved by councillors and work will get going in due course.

The Warburton Lane housing development was thumbed down by councillors due to many issues, one of them was with heritage, and several councillors mentioned a lack of school provision without thinking about the other developments either currently being built or in the pipeline to be seen by councillors at planning.

Heath Farm Lane hybrid development will drain Partington’s resources well before the Warburton Lane housing development is built (if the secretary of state approves the development)

We spoke to an experienced construction worker and the man who does not wish to be named said: “I can not understand why the housebuilder of Heath Farm Lane and land behind Lock Lane has not thought about highways and local shop and medical infrastructure and more importantly how the schools will cope, they should have done this way before any proposals were submitted.”

The secretary of state will hear the enquiry for eight days from April 21st which means we will have to wait until sometime in May to see if the Warburton Lane housing development gets government approval or refusal.

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