Storm Dennis no longer a menace will we have yet another storm at the weekend?

Storm Dennis dumped lots of rain which meant the River Mersey went on flood alert during the morning.

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It must seem that we will have a storm every weekend, Storm Dennis was not as bad as Storm Ciara but what it did do was to dump a lot of rain on already soggy ground and full looking rivers and brooks which meant the River Mersey went on flood alert.

Sinderland Brook in Partington almost went on flood alert, the same with Flixton and Sale, all these areas was at risk of flooding had the rain continued to fall, fortunately it dried up for most of the day.

These storms are coming in because of the jet stream a very high mass of fast moving air this also brings in bad weather from the US, we may have more storms at the weekend! stay tuned.

As Storm Dennis did not menace us too much though this weekend more bad spells of weather are on the cards for the new week and it is set to get much colder.

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