Recent food hygiene ratings in Trafford

When eating from a takeaway you are best checking the food hygiene rating.

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The food hygiene rating scale goes from zero to five, so if a take away gets a zero then you need to avoid this as it is the lowest score possible, the higher it goes the better, a number one score is still very low where as a three is acceptable and of course a five is the best.

We have compiled a list of recent environmental checks which will result hopefully to a better score:

  • Well Bred – Altrincham current score 1
  • Harvest Grain – Altrincham current score 2
  • Riddings Tandori – Timperley current score 3
  • New Bowdon Takeaway – Bowdon – current score 3
  • Wok In – Altrincham – Current score 3
  • Roosters – Altrincham – Current score 5
  • Jolly House – Stretford – Current score 4
  • Subway – Stretford Circle – Current score 5
  • Bento Express – Stretford  – awaiting inspection score
  • Ashiana Takeaway – Old Trafford – Current score 2
  • Urmston Takeaway – Urmston – Current score 5
  • Delicia – Sale – Current score 2
  • Spice of India – Sale Current score 2
  • The Flamin Chicken- Sale Current score 3

So far as we can see Yoneek in Sale has been downgraded from a four rating to a one! this is not a good score for a very popular takeaway, we will provide more details on why they have the poor score in another article soon.

Some good news though for Partington residents as Sayers gets a higher rating from a three to a four.

We have seen some horrific food hygiene reports in the past and really in these times every takeaway should be four and five, sometimes though a bad score can be simply because of not taking readings down of a fridge or a freezer although it may seem petty, it is very serious as food can go off quickly at the wrong temperature.

Often we see reports about cross contamination and poor hygiene, no running water and dirty equipment and towels! it is not understood why these places do not understand cross contamination or why they do not listen to hygiene safety inspectors who regularly tell them to teach staff about it online! and it is free!

To be clean though does not need anyone teaching you anything, it is just simply disgusting to prepare food and serve it to customers with dirty tools, we have read a report from a Partington takeaway in the past where tools were left out and mould was seen on them, no running water, rat and mouse droppings, poor fridge and freezer temperatures and more!



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