Trafford councillors approve this years budget despite some issues along the way

Trafford councillors approved this years budget with some not happy with it.

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Throughout the meeting Trafford Labour councillors for once did not respond so hastily to opposition councillors which was good to see.

The Tories had much to say throughout although it was laughable when they all but blamed everyone else for the Amey contract! since it was them that signed the borough up for faulty services in the first place.

Trafford Labour will have borrowed according to the Trafford Lib Dems up to half a billion pounds! and they claim that people should be concerned at the lack of openness and transparency from the investment board.

Climate change was spoken about by councillors and this was welcomed, the hypocrisy  of it all though is when Trafford Labour said they take it seriously and have done something to help reduce climate change when we cannot see them doing anything.

Planting new trees is fine! however what is the point when it takes a few decades for it to be of any use! what is the point when the same council is cutting many of them down so that 5G will work.

Councillors are correct though that dead trees on pavements or anywhere should be chopped down and dead branches, and this will help disabled people, including making the paths more safer, we suggest good and tough tarmac where possible as the slates are dreadful.

We also agree with putting more money into children’s services something we will give Trafford Labour credit for.

Nothing much was mentioned though about pollution or 5G which was a surprise to us and many of those watching the live broadcast, of course having more electric charging points in the borough is needed and soon! however this alone will not tackle the pollution problem.

We need to get more bums on bikes or more people walking, money has been allocated to this and we are watching as closely as we can to see where this money is spent, no one yet has asked for some openness and transparency on this! it is important to the public to know what is going on.

This Trafford Labour council will leave a bad taste in the mouth for a future opposition party with all this borrowing, and that bad taste will be felt by every resident in this borough, taking risks in this financial climate is indeed a foolish thing to do.

You can view the entire meeting on the council’s live webcast portal.


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