Samsung pushed out an odd notification to all Galaxy handsets confusing many people around the world

Samsung Mobile pushed out some random notification to all Galaxy smartphones today (20 February 2020)

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The notification was from Find My Mobile and read 1 1 and confused a lot of people who took to twitter to find out what was going on.

Samsung Mobile has still not offered a statement although one Twitter user managed to get a response about the weird notification.

The mobile firm said:


Apparently this was not the first time Samsung has done this, either way we now know it was some random accident, if you get the notification it would still be best if you cleared it rather than clicked it.

Samsung has some very nice mobile phones out at the moment the S20 range and the Z flip which has been given a mixed reaction due to not only the price but how it has been made you can watch a tear down of the phone to find out how bad it is below.

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