UK is set to have a points based immigration system next year

The UK is set to have a points based immigration system to cut down on unskilled workers from 01/01/2021.

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We have a full run down on what that means, first though many people do not like the new system and are asking the government to remember all the workers in several industries that need workers that may not have much education or skills but are not only willing to learn but do a good job.

Some are saying that if this points based system goes through we will find firms going broke as they will not be able to find the workforce although with lots of people unemployed these days those positions will be filled by local people which is a good thing.

Here then is what the points system means:

If anyone wants to live and work in the UK from 01/012021 they will need to get 70 points.

Speaking English gets you off the board with 10 points and you will get a further 20 points for an approved job offer, a further 20 points will be added if you earn over £25,000 a year, this though is only 50 points so you will need another 20 to be approved which you could get if you are a PHD in science, technology, engineering and maths, you could be in luck if the UK has a shortage of jobs you can do as this will count as 20 points.

Many people will fall well short of 70 points, it will mean many in adult social care will have to leave! we already have a shortage of workers and a shortage of funds to boot, as more people will need help in the coming years it is something the government must look at so we do not get a shortage.

Other industries will suffer, although the government has said that the UK has as they say 16 to 64-year-old’s currently ‘Inactive’ and it will be these people who will fill all the gaps! what it really means is those unemployed will have to accept a job and get paid peanuts for it, maybe as part of a training scheme or work placement which would save the government millions!

We think those that are only wanting to learn and get a good job here in the UK and can speak good enough English should be allowed to do so for the good of the country and for their own benefit, some of these people are well educated and have good skills and none of these people should be shut out.

As we come closer to a proper break-away from the EU in January the government will need to make sure it has everything in order and to minimise problems, can we trust them to do this?




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