Hundreds of healthy trees chopped down for a huge housing development in Partington

Hundreds of healthy trees have been chopped down to make way for a huge housing development in Partington.

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The housing development is on Broadway and Heath Farm Lane, we have spoken to several residents about what is going on and all have said they are incredibly concerned  and feel the councillors from Trafford Labour have not listened to concerns they have and are shocked at the amount of trees that have been chopped down.

Since Trafford Council called a Climate Emergency nothing much has been done! only some tree planting event which will do nothing to help the environment as it takes around thirty years for a tree to to fully grow, with all the trees coming down because of 5G and now housing developments it will make no difference what they do!

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For Broadway and Heath Farm Lane it is too late, other trees though could come down,  more trees have come down to the south of the housing development, we are not sure it has anything to do with it so making enquiries as to who chopped them down (See Picture above)

On the corner of Broadway was a nice bit of woodland, all types of trees grew in that part of the village, of course it attracted vermin and fly tippers, lots of wildlife used it though and now do not have a home, same for Heath Farm Lane where we know lapwing birds used to visit, a range of birds and animals will now have to move to woodland opposite the former LNG.

Although the former LNG is brownfield, much of what is around it is green belt and this is being ripped up behind our backs, it is for the councillors to stop this, to make sure residents are informed no matter how busy they are, and nothing has been done.

it is a tragic situation where not only our trees the lungs of our planet are being chopped down, wildlife affected but also Partington who have had to put up with poor performing councillors, useless parish councillors who have zero power to do anything other than rip you off!

With one resident telling us today that instead of useless groups and small pockets of groups all saying different things, having different ideas and opinions Partington needs to fight as one! with that power all councillors would have to represent you since now you will have the power, your future brighter and Partington finally sorted out something we all want.



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