People urged to slow down after several collisions cause Monday morning chaos in Trafford

Motorists urged to slow down after several collisions happened in Trafford during Monday morning rush hour.


Round crash logos on Google Traffic 

The collisions happened on the M60 at Sale and Trafford Centre, A56 Cross Street and another further down not far from Harboro Road this had a knock on effect and huge traffic jams just about everywhere was seen.

With conditions being bad drivers need to slow down to avoid any incidents, this morning sense did not prevail and collisions kept on coming in from all around Manchester which only made things worse for both commuters and those trying to get to work.

Traffic was backed up for miles on the A56 this morning and caused traffic chaos on back roads as motorists looked for another route only to find it is much worse! since now you have limited yourself from a wide road to a narrow one and with everyone else thinking the same thing it is just complete madness to think you will escape the traffic jams.

Residents complained around The Drive and Langdale Road in Sale as they tried to go to work only finding all the roads around them were blocked, this would be the issues everywhere in Trafford this morning.

We will keep a sharp eye on the traffic from 4pm as rush hour begins.

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