Carrington group calling for no new roads could put Partington in danger

The Friends of Carrington Moss Group has been set up to appose a new road that will rip up a big part of the moss.

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Whilst people understand and support what they are doing they are not thinking about the dreadful situation that will happen in the coming years further down in Partington and Warburton.

Partington’s population is around 9000 people, in the next few years or so the population will rise to around 12,000 which is a rough estimate, they have one road in and one road out and on observation for the past week Manchester Road and Warburton Lane has been very busy during both rush hours, standing traffic for miles often as far as the Carrington Spur!

Imagine then the situation if this group gets its way and the road through Carrington Moss is abandoned, with an extra 2000 more vehicles on the roads around Carrington and Partington you can now see the dreadful situation where all vehicles will be stuck for hours on Manchester Road, Warburton Lane and likely Carrington Lane and the Mile Road into Flixton.

It is no estimation that this is going to happen, ask anyone concerned from Partington and they all are worried about all the housing developments going up in the area, and the lack of shops and medical facilities, they are simply going to be screwed and the lack of representation from their elected representatives on this issue is causing more alarm to those that have woken up the massive problems that are not far away.

Having no new road will cause public transport issues, will it be worth sitting in hours of traffic every morning down Sinderland Lane going to Altrincham? Arriva will not be making any money, people will abandon the buses because they are not moving anywhere! heck maybe its a good thing as more people will start cycling again!

We understand the people behind the Carrington Moss Group, and the opinions and thoughts of all members and supporters, we agree the moss is important to protect so a happy medium needs to be applied here where the moss is protected but we have a new road built even over it! or around it, maybe construction may be able to save 90% of it, do you see what we are saying here?

At this time the group from what we can see is gung ho! at making sure no road is built without looking at the facts and showing no interest in Partington and Warburton, we have read about the GMSF this is later down the line and the building of the new transit road through Carrington to Sale the last we read has been put back to 2045! it would take about a year or so for it to be built.

We ask members and supporters who are holding a meeting tonight to reflect on what we have said in this article and furthermore to embrace opposition to what others are saying since in a democracy everyone has an opinion, and each one is as valid as the good people from the group.

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