Coronavirus: Pupils at a Cheshire school sent home with flu-like symptoms

Cransley School in Cheshire has sent home a small number of pupils after they began showing flu-like symptoms.

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Currently the UK has been lucky with the virus that started out in China and the World Health Organisation further helped the situation after it declared no new cases and the possibility of the virus has reached its peak was good to hear.

A statement from the Cheshire  school said:

“I understand that there will be a variety of reactions to this decision amongst parents, and hope that all families will understand the developing situation and the changing and inconsistent advice given to the School,” commented Headmaster, Richard Pollock.

“There are a number of pupils and staff who have vulnerable family members and it is the School’s duty of care to put in place the most secure of measures to minimise any possible infection, despite public policy.”

“The staff, pupils and families of Cransley are our highest concern, and whilst we understand the impact this may have on the education of the pupils, and disruption to working practice of parents, we believe this decision is justified.”

To help stop the spread of the virus you should wash your hands regular, catch a sneeze in a tissue and bin it, use anti bacterial on your hands if you can.

We have read about 5G causing the problems and even people believing this virus started from a lab! either way no matter how it started it is important to keep yourself free from this bug until the all clear is given.

For more information on this virus click here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-for-the-public


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