Footpath behind Woodhey’s Park is to shut for two weeks this Thursday

Notices have gone up all around Woodhey’s Park that a path is to close for two weeks.


Many residents have asked us as to why it is shutting down and we can now reveal what is happening.

One Trafford have told us that the bridge to the footpath is to close because essential maintenance which includes anti slip surfaces and general checks to make sure the bridge is safe for the public to use.

Because of this work all paths leading to the bridge are closed which includes the entrance at Washway Road.

It is likely the entrance to the path from Woodheys Park will also be closed whilst work is on going.

If you have to go over the bridge to get to Woodhouse Lane and Cherry Lane and other roads around it you will have to go the long way around down the A56 or if you are on a bike head for Sinderland Lane then take a right at Woodcote Road and turn right past the public tip and continue east bound towards Cherry Lane.

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