MP Kate Green submits a bid to get the abandoned rail line through Partington reopened again.

Stretford and Urmston MP Kate Green has submitted a bid to the government’s ‘Beeching’ fund to get the abandoned rail line through Partington reopened.

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Partington rail bridge and station to the right still can be seen: Image Google Maps

She wants a feasibility study into reopening the abandoned rail line that was last used in 1974 through Partington and out towards Broadheath and Timperley.

Green comments “It would be great to get Partington and Carrington reconnected to the rail network and would also relieve congestion on the Castlefield corridor, the bid is supported by other local MP’s and I hope we’ll be successful.”

We have not heard anything yet on this by the three Trafford Labour Partington councillors although we expect them to back the plans.

A lot has been said about this abandoned line though in recent times ‘Sustrans’ told us that they have the line and it would be a cycle route! something though we prefer since cycling on Sinderland Lane is becoming more dangerous by the day, it would also help get more people healthy, runners and walkers could also use the route, maybe even a hybrid scheme could be introduced.

No matter what goes on the line we know it would be of great benefit for Partington and Carrington residents with all the huge housing developments being built with thousands more people within a couple of miles from each other, Manchester Road will be blocked for hours every morning and tea time and will be very busy even during the day.

People need a route out, it would help get people to Broadheath, Timperley and Altrincham, although Kate Green has said she wants rail to operate again the chances of having the Metrolink on the line could also happen…we shall see!

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