New bridge, foot and cycle path could be built in Partington

A new bridge, foot and cycle path could be built in Partington if plans are approved at Trafford Council planning.

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New path in yellow and bridge in red: Image Google 

We are told that although this is to be built by housebuilder RedRow who could soon be given the thumbs up by the government to build a gigantic hybrid housing development on either side of Warburton Lane this bit of infrastructure will be built whatever the result.

The new path will begin at the entrance of a trail that runs down the side of Broadoak School and will continue until the Redbrook river to the right, a bridge is to be built over the small river.

It is interesting having a bridge over this minor river, it is also a good thing about building a bit of cycle infrastructure something Partington needs as bad as roads! it is more interesting that in and around this river it is claimed from documents seen that it has many common reptiles!

The issue is so bad that workers will be told to halt work the moment they see a reptile or even a badger hole, badgers have been seen and are a protected species.

Once work (if approved) is completed presuming the government will reject the hybrid housing development residents will be a little bit happy something new has been built until they find out that the bridge actually goes to nowhere!

Having seen plans we cannot see any benefits to this new bit of infrastructure unless a path is created from the other side of the bridge to a road!

We are currently looking into claims of common reptiles around the Redbrook and will be doing another article on this soon.

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