Weeks on after reporting a huge fly tip and One Trafford have not responded

Residents are still waiting for One Trafford to respond to reports of a huge fly tip at a known grot spot only yards away from a tip.


Woodcote Road just off the dangerous Sinderland Lane goes over a small bridge and to the right heading towards the tip is one of the biggest fly tips ever seen, more than 20 full bin bags have been dumped, furniture and other household waste.

We have also reported this fly tip two times and have the receipts, One Trafford should have cleared this mess by now.

Fly tipping is a disgrace even more so since a free tip is just around the corner, we cannot be blaming One Trafford or any political councillor, the blame is fully on those that wish to participate in such scruffy behaviour, we do though expect One Trafford to respond faster and we will be asking questions.

Further down in Partington runners in the Trafford 10K on Sunday had to look at the fly tip on another known grot spot, full bin bags can be seen again it was reported and nothing has been cleared, we are aware of 10 people who have reported this on Chapel Lane.

We will keep with this until all the rubbish is cleared from both grot spots and will update you through YouTube.

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