The command ‘Stay inside’ is actually good advice as the UK and Europe experiences a blanket of dirty air

Pollution levels over the UK and Europe is set to be five times higher than normal as a blanket of dirty air comes over.

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PM 10 pollution over the UK: Nullschool

This week has been a bad one for the UK with pollution levels going through the roof, it is this weekend though that people really do need to try and stay indoors, despite the nice weather we are telling people with lung issues to stay indoors as much as you can this weekend.

The levels of particulate matter PM 10 is expected to be off the charts this weekend, although not as bad as the PM 2.5 it can still cause lung damage and of course if you already have lung issues it could get very serious.

Reports seen are saying that a link to the Coronavirus bug might be true, and one of the reasons why Boris Johnson wants people inside.

Having some rain right now would help clear the dirty air a little, however looking at the blanket of fine particles in the air all over the UK and Europe,and even other countries are experiencing poor air quality, in some parts it is very dangerous to be breathing in the air.

It is a little odd though as you would have thought a dramatic reduction of cars and vans on the road and aircraft in the sky it should have helped clean up the air, however this huge blanket of pollution is coming from elsewhere including sand from the desert.

It is currently unknown when the dirty air will clear, however we can say for sure if you have asthma and you have to go out do so when the sun is setting, and bring your inhaler.

The pollen count as also caused problems, it has been medium all the way through this week, although due to a temperature drop will be less of an issue, the hayfever season starts in a couple of weeks so now is a good time to get your medication sorted out.


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