The Forget Me Not Trust is making a huge difference for the people of Trafford

The Forget Me Not Trust is making a huge difference across the borough of Trafford.


Ezra McGowan delivering supplies to those in isolation

As more and more people are told to isolate they become totally dependent on friends and family members to bring them supplies of food and other essentials but for those with no family to assist them it can be a very daunting situation.

That’s where Ezra McGowan, creator of The Forget Me Not Trust, comes in. Ezra, who is also an Urmston Freemason, has been delivering food, essentials and medical supplies to those in isolation since the pandemic began. He has become a lifeline to many who are not able to shop for themselves.

He is also keeping an eye on the community by being in contact with those in isolation on the telephone or via the internet making sure people have someone to talk to and being a listening ear for concerned community members.

Ezra said “As long as I am fit and healthy enough to do so I will continue to support the community in any way that I can. If people are on their own and in isolation then they have no one to assist them and I can’t bare the thought of that. So I will do what I can do to help until I can do no more”.

The trust was originally set up by Ezra to assist the homeless but as current situations have developed with Covid-19 spreading around the globe Ezra and the Forget Me Not Trust have stepped up to assist all who are in need at this time and not just the homeless.

You can learn more about the great work the Forget Me Not Trust does by visiting www.theforgetmenottrust.org.uk

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