Starlink satellites are for military use not for faster broadband

The Starlink satellites that go around the world are to be used by the US military.

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On April 8 these satellites will be used for military purposes as the US goes on a training mission like no other, using these satellites for communications.

The satellites we believe emits a 60 GHz microwave radiation beam, now we are aware this is for military purposes, it is anyone’s guess how much power will be used.

It is expected 42,000 of these satellites will be in low earth orbit by June.

We can also reveal that very little information about what these satellites can do is available, even on the website has no information.

Questions about these satellites have surfaced:

  • Why has the UK government said nothing about the satellites?
  • Beamforming a signal from a satellite requires a receiver on the ground if it was used for broadband purposes, nothing has ever been mentioned about receivers!
  • UK does not really need any help with its broadband although in rural communities they need to do more work in getting them fibre, something BT and Virgin Media could easily do

This is for the US military and it is now the  UK government should speak to the public about the Starlink satellites and will it mean better communications for the UK if we ever go to war.

We also would like to know about the way these satellites beams all this microwave radiation to the ground, nothing has been mentioned about guidelines as would be the case for mobile phone masts, as many know 5G uses a microwave beam to give you faster mobile phone internet services.


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