Trafford Council’s half-arsed attempt to close down playgrounds has not worked

Trafford Council’s attempt to close down playgrounds in Trafford has been criticised as an half-arsed effort.

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It was expected the football and basketball court in Partington would have been closed however it was not! and people were seen playing football and basketball.

The playground on Cross Lane Park had no visible notices of closure and oddly a rotting tree that had something disgusting coming from it, this has been reported as if any child comes into contact with this diseased tree could cause problems.

We have already mentioned Walton Park in Sale with the playground open to all and again a small notice seen, another park nearby ‘Newton Park’ was checked an could see no notices although we did not go past the playground, people were seen playing football and others walking about.

It is likely other parks are the same, it is unknown why the council decided to be so what people have called ‘Half arsed’ about the lock down, maybe they wanted to be kinder the public, they though cannot now shut down any park since it was themselves who did not close the playgrounds where we went.

Similarly we saw no notices, no information for people that was visible, it is our view that a park closure would then be an attack on the people, and would seriously damage the community, many dog walkers who look after our parks would soon turn against the council.

We suggest to Trafford Council to either close these playgrounds properly or scrap the entire plan.

The safety of everyone is of paramount importance, it will need better help from this council if they want to keep residents safe from Coronavirus even though COVID-19 is now no longer on the dangerous infectious diseases list.


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