Cowtown Grill in Sale offers meals for the vulnerable in Trafford during the Coronavirus crisis

Cowtown Grill on Washway Road in Sale has offered vulnerable people in Trafford a free meal during the Coronavirus crisis.

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Since opening its doors some three years ago the establishment has partnered with Narrowgate to provide a hot meal for the homeless on a regular basis.

The Narrow Gate is a charity that brings food, shelter, conversations and hope to the homeless population of Manchester.

At this time Narrowgate do not need anymore food donations so Cowtown grill has decided to support the most vulnerable inside the community and offer free meals.

Cowtown Grill want people to message them on Facebook if they know an elderly person who would like a meal, or those who are having a hard time with money including single parents struggling during the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is a great thing CowTown Grill are trying to help those struggling in our community.

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