Huge residential development proposed to be built on land in Old Trafford

A huge residential development has been proposed to  be built on land in Old Trafford.

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The development will comprise of five blocks of between six and eleven storey accommodation including parking and landscaping at the Junction of Skerton Road and Elsinor Road.

A variety of one to three bedroom apartments and townhouses are planned to be built.

Residents around the proposed development have all apposed it with a common theme of it being ugly, parking is of course an issue and many people do not really have the appetite for anymore housing developments in the area.

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Above is the exact number of apartments this housing development will provide, planners will be delighted to see that 45% of it will be for one bedroom apartments as the borough is badly in need of accommodation like this.

On the site their will be room for 69 cars of which 49 will be for disabled use, and the townhouses benefit from their own off-street car parking spaces, parking for those in the apartments will be on site, also on the site is electric charging points.

A pleasing 406 cycling spaces will be provided on site although it will be possible to bring the bike with you into your apartment or townhouse.

The amount of one bedroom accommodation and the thought about having so many cycle spaces and electric car charging points could be a winner with councillors.

We have issues with any housing development that is built, looking at all of Partington’s housing developments we opposed all of them simply because no one ever thought about the current infrastructure of the area, for example roads, shops, medical facilities.

Similarly local councillors also did not think much about such infrastructure when giving the approval stamp, Old Trafford is much different to Partington but has its own unique issues and all of these issues residents have mentioned and these issues must be taken seriously by councillors when this proposal turns up at a near future planning meeting.





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