5G antennas will be installed soon on lampposts all over Trafford

As the 5G roll out sadly continues we are now aware that antennas will be fitted to many lampposts in Trafford.


Masts-r-us in Stretford: Image Darren Marsden

These antennas will be located on top of the lamppost and is part of the 5G infrastructure, the lampposts will also have a small microwave mast on them.

This microwave beam will go through the home and will locate another antenna inside the home.

We have much to worry about with 5G although not linking this to the Coronavirus we expect in the weeks and months ahead long after the virus has died out an investigation will be underway as how this started in the first place and we hope 5G will be part of any investigation.

As for antennas on lampposts this is just the start, in the months ahead we will see more millimetre wave boxes/masts being installed on lampposts, bus shelters, sides of buildings, and what this means is the beams will surround us all.

They are all linked to one another and are transferred to a 5G mast and then piped to the base station this will include information from the antennas.

We will see a very high level of electromagnetic radiation all around us which will affect many things, we will feel it and many will have health issues from it.

Our pets will be confused as the beams will pass through our homes, it could even scare them, some may run away! and even if they are brave and stay any beam that goes through them will have devastating results.

Referring back to ICNIRP all the time would be a good idea since all the evidence is within the guidelines that anything from 6GHz to 300GHz has not really been tested yet! not even WHO (World Health Organisation) has any answers to the dangers of 5G not until mid 2022!

We hear the conspiracy, and it makes us laugh the things we see, it is actually stopping us from getting 5G halted, we are clear on the facts, we have read and understood the technology, and we know that many people who have contacted us including the councillors have ‘With Respect’ not understood the technical aspects of 5G and how mobile masts work and then formed a useless opinion formed on their limited ‘if any’ knowledge about the technology.

This is dangerous not only to the residents in Trafford but to themselves, we are not going to tell you 5G is going to kill you! but we can say it will make people unwell and some people because of the constant exposure to high levels of microwave radiation will end up with life changing health issues that could cause them to die.

The entire thing is about control, this is true with Coronavirus, about the way this government gave police new powers that we believe have not been fully understood by the public or themselves, people not just in Trafford or Manchester, but the world needs to wake up to the reality of what is going on around them regarding 5G and how political people around the world are behaving.

People of the world need to unite to stand up and be counted for you are an unbreakable force for good, to put the 1% of the richest in society to bed, standing up the do-gooders in society! like we should have done many years ago they who have helped to steal our rights and our values.

5G must be halted with immediate effect.

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