Pollution and high pollen levels for Manchester this Easter weekend

Pollution and high pollen levels will cause many people problems this Easter weekend.

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 12.02.46 PM - Edited

Particulate PM2.5 cloud over the UK: Nullschool

Although pollution is currently at a moderate level the particulates are very high and with pollen being high today and very high on Sunday people with asthma and hayfever are advised to try and stay inside where possible.

Particulates PM2.5 are the dangerous type, the particles are so small if breathed in could end up in people’s lungs, if you have asthma and having to go out bring your inhaler.

It is thought the blanket of particulates is a mixture of sand from the sahara desert and pollution from Europe, looking out wider we can see all of Europe is under a blanket of particulate pollution right now.

The government have of course asked people also to stay inside as much as you can due to the virus.

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