Warburton Parish Council shares Partington residents views and objecting to proposed housing developments

Warburton Parish Council has shared Partington residents views in recent weeks objecting to proposed housing developments.

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Warburton Lane on the borders with Partington: Image Google

The huge Redrow housing development on the borders with Partington is of course their main interest and we like and agree with everything they have said.

In a recent document seen the parish council has mentioned Partington a fair bit in one part of the document it said:

“It will have a very substantial impact on Partington, where many local services are struggling to cope with numbers.

“Doctors and dentists surgeries have long waiting lists, primary schools are at capacity, thus the level of housing is contrary to the spatial stratergy.”

The parish council are very concerned at the level of traffic that not only the Warburton Lane housing development will create but also the now approved Your Housing Group housing development on Oak Road and further up on Heath Farm Lane.

It was great to see this parish council sticking up for not only the Warburton residents often forgotten by Trafford Council, but also for Partington residents.

We asked a former house builder about what is going on in Partington and he could not believe that not one person did any checks on what infrastructure was like now, he said the entire area will be a nightmare in the next couple of years.

It is with hope the Redrow proposal which has now gone to appeal will be rejected by the government, if it does get rejected it will be helpful more to Warburton than Partington however do not think the nightmare is over! not a chance lets look at why this is:

  • 86 new flats on Oak Road
  • 620 new flats and houses at Heath Farm Lane/Broadway
  • 455 new flats and homes at the back of Lock Lane
  • 14 new homes on Central Road
  • ??? Partington Social Club, this is likely to become a housing development

Land opposite Cross Lane Park is now available, although nothing yet has been bought that we know about, it is likely to be yet another housing development and that one will be bigger than Heath Farm Lane.

You can do the maths of how many more people, cars and vans will be in Partington in the next couple of years.

We have told and warned residents from the start about what is about to hit them and the reality is now starting to show itself, residents will know that all the roads will be blocked no matter what widening they do to Manchester Road.

How are these people going to cope in the next few years? well they will adapt to the changes, but no idea what schools all these kids are going to, we understand more doctors from Washway Road Medical Centre will link up with Partington doctors.

Huge traffic jams will mean hours waiting on Warburton Lane, Manchester Road, Flixton Road, Carrington Lane, Carrington Spur, Sinderland Lane, you will not be able to turn around because of the traffic jam the other way, this will also delay buses and even supplies.

Deliveries will be delayed, from medicines to potatoes, your post and online shopping orders will be delayed, getting money into the cash machines could be empty for a time, of course these things will get to you and to the shops and takeaways, just think though this will be on a daily basis.

We expect some delivery companies to stop all together and the possibility of the buses stopping including Local Link could happen, people will just get fed up of it all, day in day out and for hours stuck behind a wheel!

However it will be sheer blind luck that your MP Kate Green gets Partington residents a railway or metrolink service, if she can manage to get the funding, this will be a massive thing for the area, it will mean some motorists taking the train/tram and leaving the car at home, not all will though! not all can either but it would be helpful.

Warburton Parish Council though on the plus side has shown lots of care for Partington residents and this is welcomed.

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