HS2 will destroy Warburton and all of its history

HS2 high speed rail is on track to bring misery into Warburton like never before.

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It must feel like a double blow to the small community south of Partington with the proposed Warburton Lane housing development in the hands of the government after it went to appeal and now HS2.

The line will rip up a big part of Warburton’s green belt and of course further on at the back of Dunham Park which itself is rich in history.

Warburton has always been known for its history with ancient burial mounds, and other things found deep beneath the soil, a programme called Time Team also visited Warburton.

As for HS2 we have seen protesters in trees even when people were in lockdown these warriors tried to stop workmen from destroying hundreds of trees for the route at Crackley Wood, it only delays the inevitable though and work commenced.

Work on the Warburton site has already started with HS2 checking everything even the ancient burial ground we asked them to protect, the line has since moved slightly south which avoids the mound to which we are incredibly grateful for, including the number of emails they sent us, its something we know Warburton residents and historians will be grateful for.

Warburton though sadly will not be the same again, if the Warburton Lane housing development is approved by the government soon.

The area will be completely different in the years to come no matter how much we protest, no matter what we do, Warburton and Partington residents will have to somehow adapt and it is now everyone needs to get together with plans and ideas and not to leave it to politicians.

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