COVID-19 the facts not the needless fear narratives

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At the start of the virus outbreak we remember PM Boris Johnson telling us to take this virus on the chin.

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Boris Johnson

Nearing a month and we see almost 15,000 people have died, which is the worst in Europe.

So we investigated things to see the wider picture, since many people were subjected to a lot of fear from mainstream media and from our own government it was fully understandable that people will be scared by all of this, many of course did not understand what was going on! it came so fast.

We continue to watch for things and still government make mistakes but no one picks it up, so we have done this for you watch the video below:

Now you have watched it and with an open mind, this individual has said the same thing in a previous broadcast.

Is he saying this is not really a deadly bug? that its mostly going to kill those who are already unwell and are old? this is confusing people surely?

Lets look at things deeper, we have all seen the pictures of St Thomas Hospital with no patients in them, and the pictures from German hospitals with no one in them, do you believe the figures? for example the UK government has always fixed the jobless count.

We are told from reliable sources that the death figure includes patients that had other problems who have died of cancer or heart attacks but are added to the COVID-19 list.

On another occasion the government went crazy and decided to try and get a ban on anyone saying 5G is to blame for the crisis, we are not fully saying it is however why did they react in such a way? if it had no connection? for example if 5G had no connection they would have not even bothered talking about it surely?

Reports we have read suggest Boris Johnson did not even go into intensive care! we cannot verify this however do you not think it is a little bit suspect that in normal times anyone being admitted to ICU is on his or her last legs? not sat on a bed drinking endless cups of teas and eating digestives, having no oxygen?

Another video shows a government scientist saying “For the majority of people Coronavirus is a mild illness, a bad cough or fever and within 7 days they will be no longer infected.”

So what we can gather then is this is really to do with people who are already unwell, elderly or young that has some lung issues already or immune problems, these are the people that could die from this not everyone else? this is what the scientists are saying.

Of course no one wants this bug, but can the government or anyone else call this a deadly bug? did the World Health Organisation who have now been labelled as corrupt have to call a pandemic?

We are all getting tired of the lockdown and later today the government will hopefully ease some of these restrictions.

People have died though, we show our respects to them all and no doubts we all feel it, just one death is bad enough, the NHS has our support as does all of our amazing emergency services, for the rest of us we need to just open our eyes a little bit more, grab back some control from the establishment and see what is currently going on which is rather suspect.

These are crazy times, however we will all get through it, by opening up, debating things and helping others, for many are confused right now, confused simply because they have been brainwashed by needless fear.

We suggest to continue with government guidelines and to the few who are burning down mobile phone masts to look at what a 5G mast is! since they are seemingly attacking vital 3G and 4G mast infrastructure.

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