Tips to re-open soon in Trafford and all over Greater Manchester

Tips in Trafford are to reopen and some of the tips in the other parts of Manchester will also re-open after a committee meeting held today.

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It seems to be only one tip in each of the boroughs of Greater Manchester will re-open in the next couple of weeks depending on staff levels and is subject to agreement of traffic management plans.

Re-opening these tips will have to be done in a careful and planned way, it is thought Greater Manchester Police will have some involvement.

Details of which tips are to open and the opening times will be published soon.

From a post published on Trafford Conservatives Facebook page Group Leader of Trafford Conservatives, Cllr Nathan Evans  said:

“We are delighted that this decision will now be reversed, and that each local authority will now draw up proposals in conjunction with Suez, who operate the Waste Contract, and whose staff run the tips.

“To put effective traffic management in place and operate social distancing, to protect both staff and members of the public accessing the service.

“We now need to get this up and running as quickly as we can, and with a system that is safe and accessible.

“I do believe the access to waste disposal is an essential service.

“The closure has led to an increase in fly tipping and this has has a detrimental impact on the environment.

“Common sense has prevailed. We will be sending out detailed communications to residents on a scheme in due course.”

You can read more about the committee meeting here: https://recycleforgreatermanchester.com/coronavirus-covid-19-update-and-advice/

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