Starlink Satellites are for military use and we should get them banned

A Space X launch of thousands more Starlink satellites came with it some interesting information confirming what we have always said.

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One of the presenters not seen but heard on a live stream of the launch admitted Starlink is for one purpose and that was for the military, we knew about the use of Starlink by the US military on 8 April 2020.

The male presenter then was heard after today’s 22 April 2020 launch their will be 42,000 satellites roaming low earth orbit, that is a massive amount of junk in the sky.

It was thought Starlink was for broadband, we believed this was a bit suspect from the start, we have researched this and although the microwave beams do hit the earth much the same as 5G will, it is much different and will be much more powerful.


5G works alongside fibre, actually 4G does! this is why both are so compatible, your 5G fibre will work from its own mast shown above, on lampposts you will start seeing either boxes or antennas, we have seen a deployment of these antennas already, but not everywhere has them yet, so why would we need these satellites for when these masts give people fibre in any home? 5G itself will be about 10 times faster than your home broadband!

These antennas will beam into your home the fibre connection, this beam will be around 60GHz, it will increase in time which makes it very dangerous since you will also be hit with your mobile phone 5G signal and its own microwave beams.

In the year or so our lives will change for sure, many will die from these high frequencies eventually.

We must stop these Starlink satellites which the public did not have any say over, councillors and MPs have been very quiet, it is now time for the general public to have a say on the Starlink Satellites.

A petition will be made soon and we hope you will sign it.

#Ban5GSaveLives #BanStarlinkSaveLives

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