US president suggests injecting disinfectant could kill off Coronavirus

US president Donald Trump has suggested that injecting disinfectant could kill Coronavirus.

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Trump was actually more interested in solar heat and light, he wants testing of everything including injecting disinfectants in people hoping to clear the lungs!

Trump though is as he said many times “Very interested” in his live conference at looking at many ways of trying to kill off the virus.

We noted the president himself has possibly been in the lab testing out things on his scalp, with a huge gap in his hair line suggests he has been tested with something or its a new hairstyle! anything is possible with Donald Trump.

The idea of trialling out injecting people with disinfectant and the very thought of it cleaning the lungs is someone obviously under great stress and is no longer making any sense.

We don’t think anyone would disagree with finding a cure through science is a bad thing, anything is better than nothing! and in that way Trump gets our support, however this would take lots of money to do, and a distraction to the reality that the US needs to keep on track to find a cure for this virus.

A virus that we know more about now and is a fluid situation, we now know 70% of those that died in China died from blood clotting and not pneumonia! this is a shock to many people since before hand it was always thought you catch a cold, then you may or may not have a fever, in some cases it could lead to pneumonia and in some sections of society some will sadly die.

Many people including our so called scientists will have known sunlight and warmth from the sun kills many viruses, it is essential for everyone to get out, yet they are asking people to stay inside! these are scientists! we hear the government saying “We have always been guided by the science”

How can any of us trust this government anymore? Boris Johnson was already a big time liar during Brexit, and sadly everyone believed him! it is up to you what you want to believe, the mainstream media fear narrative or the lies from government.

All we know is Donald Trump needs to take a break from things, and we want the truth once and for all from our own government who continue to brainwash those few who are still biting their teeth fearing the worse.



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