Is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dead?

International News

Reports coming from several news outlets have suggested the North Korean leader has died.

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Others paint a different picture saying that the dictator is in ‘grave danger’ of dying after going to the operating table for a heart condition and apparently the job was not successful, China sent some medics out to help the North Korean leader.

Kim Jong Un aged 38 was last seen on 12 April 2020 and is a heavy smoker, and dangerously obese, it is also claimed he has diabetes although we cannot verify that.

South Korea is at this time playing it down, and reporters in the South Korean capital have said with it being North Korea it is incredibly hard to get any information from the country however knowing that China did send some medics does suggest something is badly wrong.

We will continue to keep an eye on things to see if he has died or the Chinese doctors manage to get him back up on his feet again, for this time though it does not look good for the dictator.

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