Karshare scheme launched to support frontline workers during the Coronavirus pandemic

Karshare scheme launched to support frontline workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.


This is a call-out for owners to loan their car to frontline workers in grass-roots fightback against COVID-19

Inspired by the efforts in the Manchester community, a car sharing company has launched a brand new, free community car share scheme to help move essential services around Manchester as the crisis intensifies.

Karshare aims to establish a fleet of 10,000 cars, on loan from members of the local community, to be used by health workers, care workers, charity workers, food banks and NHS staff, absolutely free of charge. Initially launched in Bristol, the scheme has seen over 490 people loan their cars to date.

• Local people are asked to donate their unused cars for at least a week
• The scheme will see them cleaned and sanitised ahead collection
• The cars will be inspected for roadworthiness and fully insured by Karshare
• They will then be given to Manchester-based frontline workers, NHS staff, charities and food banks who can use them to keep essential goods and services moving in Manchester
• After a week they will be fully cleaned and returned to their owners

Karshare is the latest innovation from Car & Away who launched at Gatwick Airport in 2017, allowing passengers at the airport to rent out their vehicles whilst on holiday.

Karshare founder Andy Hibbert explained:

“We’re already partnered with Gatwick and Bristol Airports where we run a service renting out people’s cars when they go on holiday. We started thinking about how we could make a difference in the current situation and the principle is exactly the same.

“The average car already sits unused for 96% of the time, even more so now as most of us are staying at home. These cars could really be helping so many vulnerable people given there are many care workers and charities within the community that need transportation support right now.

 “If you have a car you’re not going to need for the next week or two, we can put it to good use, doing good in Manchester. See how you can help by visiting http://www.Karshare.com.”

QBE Insurance Group is providing the insurance, the RAC is covering roadside assistance and The Assured Group is providing the cleaning of all cars.

Karshare are being supported in Greater Manchester by Trafford Events Ltd and local Urmston singing & acting legend Wayne Devlin.

David Mackereth, Director of Trafford Events Ltd said:

“I read a newspaper article about Karshare on Wednesday 22 April and when I looked at their website I found that they were just in the process of expanding into Manchester.  I immediately offered my car and also the services of Trafford Events Ltd  to help them to develop their Manchester operation, I got a very fast & positive response from Karshare and since then local Urmston personality Wayne Devlin has come on board to help spread the message. Hopefully we will be able to help this fantastic initiative to quickly grow in the Greater Manchester area.

As I write this my car is being washed and valeted by Assured, prior to being collected by a NHS nurse from Stockport.”

For further information please visit https://www.karshare.com

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