Your ultimate guide to the technical aspects of the Starlink satellites and antennas

Here we have a guide to what Sarlink satellites are and what they are for.

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Elon Musk’s Space X multi billion dollar project is well under way with some 42,000 satellites in low earth orbit, the satellites have basically cocooned the earth with lasers!

Every satellite connects to another as they orbit the earth, they then send to earth a signal in the same way as your Sky TV does, this is called beamforming, and it is now known that flat bed antennas will be seen in areas where internet is poor.

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However Starlink is for the military, the use of flat bed antennas will make it easy to transport, you can put one on a roof of a car, on walls on a roof, in a garden even on aircraft! these antennas operate at 14GHz which is 5 times more powerful than a 5G mast at this time.

The beams from one satellite which is over 60GHz will cover a big area of earth and will point to wherever one of these antennas are, someone using this system will get super fast broadband.

What all this means is the entire earth will see electromagnetic frequencies change significantly, with 5G also helping to increase EMFs in the environment.

5G will increase its power sooner or later with millimetre wave boxes and antennas, this guide is to help you understand how dangerous this is to all that live on the planet, and no one will escape it.

We have found a brilliant video for you which goes into better detail:



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