Around Trafford in another time part one: Partington

Partington is a much brighter and more forward thinking than ever before, we explore the area in 2009.

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It was a struggle on the estate, although everyone managed to get by, with the Oak Road shopping centre falling down and the flats was still up well just about!

Back then The Redbrook pub was standing as was Partington Social club, the area had the 252 bus service and it had a library, actually a very good library that we would have scrapped hard to keep as it was very popular more so for the elderly who came sometimes just for a chat with some of the most amazingly kind and delightful staff.

The doctors was still operating in something that reminded some people of a portocabin, the waiting room was incredibly tight for space, the other medical centre was much better for space and a better experience for those that visited.

Shopping has always been a struggle in Partington, back then the shopping centre was in a poor state, the shopping experience was poor although they had a very popular chippy called ‘Antonys Chippy’ and Charcoal Grill was on the corner making some very nice pizza.

They had a RBS branch and even a 50p shop even though it was not a 50p shop, the indian takeaway offered some nice curries until they closed down after someone reported them!

The Parish Council was around but hidden away, they are in a better place now due to our insistence they worked for the people and get a new website showing everyone what they are up to, with help from an ex Tory we managed after several years to achieve this.

Back in the day Partington people had a good spirit, like they would help one another as much as they could, as time went on things got a little different.

The majority of property on the estate was owned by Partington HA at Gilmour House, they had a much better way of getting people flats back then, you could put your name on an application and within a couple of weeks they would allocate you somewhere.

A Vodafone 3G mast was still operating behind the paint works on Wood Lane, actually way too close to houses and it was taken down, Vodafone signal was top notch everywhere in Partington until then, most mobile phone signals to Partington today actually come from Cadishead.

Everything changes even in the darker times for Partington the community stood up as one, it must have been frustrating though that many people continued to complain to the wrong people, back then and we know fully that the political people were not existent, no one at the back of the estate got any electoral leaflets.

No one knew who the councillors were back then they was much like the Parish Council in many ways.

The post office on Wood Lane was open and took a lot of strain of the Post Office on Hall Lane.

Partington is now a much brighter place, we are proud to admit we helped get this, fighting those that did and continue to keep the area in the dark times is something we will continue to do, and we will be there during the upcoming hard times when Partington will get sucked in and wiped off the map as a standalone village.


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