Dangerous 5G millimetre wave boxes fitted to lampposts in Old Trafford

We are fully aware that 5G is now working in the north of Trafford, with these masts will come millimetre wave boxes and antennas.

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Old Trafford is one place where you will see a few millimetre wave boxes and antennas on lampposts, it could be more of these boxes are hidden on walls and other infrastructure.

We noted not all lampposts in the area had Millimetre wave masts and antennas although this is likely to change in the coming weeks and months, many other flat bed masts are seen throughout the borough, this is for Trafford Council CCTV systems which itself uses beamforming technology.

Millimetre wave masts are a big part of 5G it is what will cause the biggest problems in communities in time to come, what we are saying here is once the networks start to increase the power the more the radiation will go up, even a non-ionising radiation at a level above 6GHz will cause a heating up of the skin and cell damage.

That with other EMFs which include the council’s CCTV system, 4G, 3G, 2G masts, flatbed antennas for Starlink, and many other things in the environment we will see a huge increase in radiation that some people who are sensitive will find very hard to live with.

On the other hand, whilst 5G is bad for almost everything, we can give it a very tiny crumb of approval with the insane download speeds, having seen the speed test from a 5G device it was like a ‘WOW” moment, the download speeds was way over 600mbps which is way faster than most people’s home broadband, even the upload speeds reached nearly 70mbps.

Whilst we dabble with 5G which will still take many years to fully roll out, China is now looking at 6G! with 6G this will be the time for artificial intellegence to really make its mark on society, it will mean humans will not be needed for some work, and beyond this what will 7G do? it is way to far to speculate however if 6G will bring in more robots the 7G will most probably mean humans are no longer needed! it sounds like something from a Terminator film, in some ways in the future the scene will look something similar.

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