The Forget Me Not Trust is making a huge difference across Trafford

The Forget Me Not Trust is making a huge difference across Trafford.

Ezra McGowan from The Forget Me Not Trust

Ezra McGowan founder of The Forget Me Not Trust

Residents who are in need of support are in isolation and so they become totally dependent on friends and family members bringing them supplies of food and other essentials but for those with no family to assist them it can be a very scary situation.

Food banks are also in need of supplies as the demand grows and they are crying out for donations to help them meet the needs of the more vulnerable within the community.

That’s where Ezra McGowan, creator of the charity The Forget Me Not Trust comes in. Ezra has been delivering food and supplies to those in isolation since the COVID-19 pandemic began. He has become a lifeline to many who are not able to shop for themselves.

After suffering with the coronavirus himself, Ezra has now fully recovered and is straight back out on the road again delivering over a ton in weight of food supplies to a local food bank who will now be distributing that food across the borough of Trafford.

Ezra, who is an Urmston Freemason, belonging to Hand & Heart Lodge 4109, backed by the West Lancashire Freemasons, is also keeping a close eye on the community by being in contact with those in isolation on the telephone or via the internet making sure residents are not only looked after but also have some company when feeling lonely.

If you would like to learn more about Ezra’s work at The Forget Me Not Trust you can visit the website www.theforgetmenottrust.org.uk

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