Virgin Media has a great big outage tonight and no fix in sight

Customers are frustrated tonight after their service on Virgin Media suffered an outage just before tea time.

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Virgin Media outage at 8pm: Image Downdetector

It is not fully known why Virgin Media had the outage however it was a big problem for the firm as most of the country had no internet which also meant people wanting to watch on demand services or TV through the internet services could not access this.

People complained that one minute they had a service and the next they did not.

Virgin Media on twitter asked people to be patient as calls to customer services shot up and was not coping with demand.

The firm owned by Liberty Global has in the past had some big problems from capacity issues to complete outages, they were hauled in to BBC Watchdog in recent times to explain what the issues are with operations, and why they were taking people on knowing they could not fit anymore people on to the network.

Virgin Media at that time had capacity issues in the Sale area where people that once had a consistently good connection suddenly became poor with a daily high of just 4mbps and this persisted for months after.

We suggest to use your mobile phone as a hotspot if you need internet access until the problem is fixed, although make sure you have a good bit of data, if you have only a small amount of data then keep a track of it, and do not use YouTube from it or any streaming as it takes up heaps of data.

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