What was Old Trafford like in the early 80’s? we take you back in time

Old Trafford which is just a couple of miles from the City Centre back in the 80’s was a great place to work rest and play.

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Despite having no colour TV or any mobiles and all the gadgets we have now or any internet! people got on with it, kids were happy just to be in Hullard or Seymour Park either playing football or just chilling out.

The area has always been served well with takeaways even back in the 80’s Hong Kong chippy on Henrietta Street owned by a very popular guy called Lee serving some of the best fish and chips around, the business has changed hands but still operates under that banner and from the same place.

Kids back then in Old Trafford had a couple of venues to go to, a club behind the Christadelphian Church was opened up for young teenagers to hang out, the church back then also gave kids a day trip out often to the beach at Blackpool.

Old Trafford always had a mix of cultures, and everyone got along, although times were hard, despite the availability of jobs back then, the firms did not pay out very much something that hasn’t changed much!

The way people behaved and did things back in the times is something to always hold on to if you lived in Old Trafford, shopkeepers were like a member of the family, even the ice cream man let people come with a big plate and he filled it with ice cream.

Schooling was fairly good back then, with most kids just going really for the free school meals at Seymour Park Primary School, the standards were just sky high, the attention to detail, the presentation and wow! the food was just Hilton standard according to our research.

When all the kids grew up, they mostly went to Greatstone Secondary School or Gorse Park School which was a bus ride away, although many just walked.

Greatstone Secondary School had a lower and a higher school, with newbies going to the school on Burleigh Road now home to Gorse Hill Primary, and the other school was not far down the road which was only a stone’s throw away from Manchester United FC.

Other kids would have gone to Stretford Grammar which is very close to Greatstone Secondary School this is now the home of Stretford High School, rarely kids would have gone much further out to Lostock School.

Old Trafford had a proper railway back then they had two, one of which went down the side of Kings Road School out towards Chorlton this was only ever used for goods, and is now a Metrolink line.

Behind Kings, Road School was a cake factory, and kids were often seen getting free cakes at the gates such was the generosity of the staff! these were kind times.

With Timmy Mallett shouting yeahhhhh and doing some very funny things on the radio, playing the best pop music around and the decade that made pop stars like what footballers are these days, the chart countdown listened to by millions of people on a Sunday night, with Spitting image in its infancy making just about everyone laugh even those that did not understand politics, the ’80s was the best decade of all.

The best decade to be living in Old Trafford, where despite the money problems, the lack of things to do, people got on with it and still had a smile.

That decade also gave us the Longford Park pageant this was something everyone looked forward to, it was more popular than Match of the day!…..well sort of! people lining the streets for a glimpse of excited kids and adults on floats often playing some great music, the smiles and happiness was what made this pageant the best around, and one in that decade that those that remember or participated in will never forget.

Old Trafford also had a jam factory and operated for a long time, Duerr’s Jam on Prestage Street often made people hungry! sometimes the smell of sweet jam could be smelt all over the area.

In 2020 Old Trafford has had to endure some bad times, it though has too many people that care about it, and many people who lived in the 80’s will not let it rot, too many good memories that these people will hold forever cannot mean the area is to sink, it cannot and it will not.

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