Take a trip back in time re-visiting an unrivalled decade of entertainment for all the family

Take a trip back in time revisiting one of the best decades for entertainment.

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The 80’s made pop stars sparkle more than the Premier League footballers do. millions tuned into the chart show on a Sunday evening on BBC Radio 1, it wasn’t just music though that made the decade so memorable.

If you were a kid growing up in the 80s you were one lucky individual, with Grange Hill, Jossies Giants, Playschool, Worzel Gummidge, and so many cartoon type programming that has never been beaten.

Adults were also catered for, Tales from the Crypt, Hammer House of Horror, Magnum PI, Chips, LoveBoat, Spitting Image, Six Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman, and more!

It was music though that gave the decade the memorable star status, people like Paul Young, Howard Jones, Madonna, and big named bands like Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Wham!, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Level 42, Human League and many others fighting to get to number one on a Sunday evening.

If you were an editor of a music magazine some with gigantic posters of your favourite star you be doing well, Smash Hits and Number being the most popular.

People bought records not only because the music was great, or they were a fan of the band or individual singer but because they wanted a say in how their favourite record would do as every record bought counted to the figures that week.

Radio broadcasts were big during that decade, Timmy Mallett on Key 103 gave lots of entertainment before bed, he had a battle of the band’s competition, fans of a band or a singer would most often treat them like we do football teams, Human League v Depeche Mode who would win?

Football, of course, was always well supported, however, it did not have that star appeal, nothing shined other than the Busby Babes, and we will all remember how stuffy Liverpool was back then! often they would get a goal from several rebounds including off the ref!

Film stars have always had that bit of sparkle and so was the same in the ’80s with Eddie Murphy rising to fame in Beverly Hills Cop, Kelly le Brock in Weird Science, Gremlins was a classic film for all the family.

In the ’80s sportswear brands were rising in popularity, who remembers All Sports? they were the biggest name on the high street, Trafford had one store in Stretford Arndale (now called Stretford Mall) we think though the store most people will remember is the one on Barlow Moor Road in nearby Chorlton.

They were not cheap back then even though money was tighter than even these days! jobs did not pay that well and people just managed to scrape through, so it was a bit of a shock to people who wanted to be seen as ‘trendy’ when they saw a very cheaply made Adidas or Nike cotton t-shirt for £49.99! these same t-shirts today can be bought for as little as £10

For those, though growing up in the ’80s maybe in secondary school we think you will agree how lucky you were to have seen and been part of the greatest decade of our times.